Mobile Repairing Courses

Fully manual & Computerised Mobile Training institute for all latest: - GSM-CDMA-colour-camera-pda-multimedia-Chinese phones.
School passes outs, undergraduates, graduates & Professional. Come! Enter the world of mobile engineering. The most demandable course for the most dominating profession repairing of MOBILE instruments with complete mechanism.
A trusted name in “chip level” hardware and network education now presents the most Revolutionary course for employment seekers and technicians. With every 10 person using mobile phones and with increasing problems in the in struments, repairing of mobiles phones has emerged to be the most certain opportunity of the time.
Mobile Technology is India’s pioneer and reliable mobile training institute & Software Solution Provider with repairing facilities in Delhi. We are committed to innovate and create mobile tech. we provide a complete range of mobile phone repairing software & services with Advance technology. Mobile Technology is provide various training course on GSM platform for the cellular user community & corporate.


Mobile Repairing Courses
Features of Repairing Training Course:
Knowledge & Skill- All of the knowledge and skill required in repairing a cellular phone is covered during the course.
Troubleshooting- The common fault’s for the repairing the different models and makes of handset are provided during the course.
Tools and Equipment- Not only knowledge and skill are provided, but also the related tool’s, equipment and spare part’s. Therefore you can set up your own service center immediately after completing the course.
Theory and Practical-There are both theory and practical lessons so you get hands on experience of the tools and methods used to repair mobile phones.

Introduction of Mobile Technology.
Basics of Mobile Phones
Study of Electronic Components like resistors, capacitors, diodes, coils, etc
Study of spare parts and different components used in mobile phones.
Use of Multimeter and Jhatka Machine. 
Checking of batteries and chargers.
Checking of shorting in mobiles.
Assembling and dis-assembling of different types of phones.
Study of different types of ICs.
Working different ICs.
Study of circuit diagrams.
Soldering Techniques. 
Jumpering Techniques.
Study of jumper diagrams.
Use of SMD Rework Station.
Reworking and changing of ICs.
Troubleshooting of different faults.
Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques of latest bluetooth and camera mobiles.



Repairing of different software problems.
Method of flashing different mobiles.
Formatting and removing of virus.
Unlocking different phones
Use of secret codes
Downloading of ringtones/ Softwares/ Games.
Flashing of china mobiles.




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